Album cover for Tomboyfriend’s “DON’T GO TO SCHOOL” / Music and lyrics written by Ryan Kamstra. Additional music by Sholem Krishtalka, John Goodrich. Sound Engineered and Mixed by Matt Smith. Early Mix and Sound Recording: John Goodrich. Ryan Kamstra - vocals, guitar, keyboards. Marlena Zuber - vocals, keyboards. Susan Bustos - bass. Sholem Krishtalka - keyboards, vocals. Dan Rosenthal - drums. John Goodrich - guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards. Back up vocals - Adriana Alarcon, Teresa Fulker, Jon Pressick, Pam Sloan. Banjo on Goldfinch Gluespoo - Sean Dixon. Violin on Lovesickess and Goldfinch Gluespoo - Jay Yang. /// Released by Blocks Recording Club

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DVD cover for Margaux Williamson’s “Teenager Hamlet” / Produced by Julia Rosenberg of January Films / Distributed by KRK Media / Starring Sheila Heti, Sholem Krishstalka, Milosh Rodic, Ryan Kamstra / Music by Steven Kado / Director of Photography - Lee Towndrow / Production Coordinator - Lauren Bride / Music supervisor - Amy Fritz / Post Supervisor - Doug Wilkinson / Written, directed and edited by Margaux Williamson

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