Margaux Williamson has had solo painting exhibitions at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects in Toronto, at The Marvelli Gallery in New York and at Fette ’s Gallery in Los Angeles. She has written about movies since 2010 on her blog, “MOVIE IS MY FAVOURITE WORD”, and has recently joined forces with Carl Wilson (author of “Let’s Talk About Love”) and Eye Weekly’s Chris Randle, to form a collective site called “Back To The World”. She collaborates with other friends: as an art director and curator for a Toronto lecture series hosted by Misha Glouberman called “Trampoline Hall”, with the musician Ryan Kamstra on music performances, and with the writer Sheila Heti ( they most recently founded “The Production Front” - a title that contains various projects that they have initiated with other artists). Her video project  “Teenager Hamlet” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival as a gallery installation. A movie version will be released on DVD by KRK Media in the fall of 2010.


Ryan Kamstra is the songwriter for the band Tomboyfriend. He has two collections of poetry in print: Into the Drowned World and Late Capitalist Sublime. His prose and poetry has been anthologized and published in the UK, the USA and Canada. He has won an award for his pornographic fiction. In addition to having written a column on bisexuality for abOUT magazine, he has organized and collaborated on various community-based activist and art projects, including the knits-for-homeless-shelters craftivist initiative Streetknit and the folk revival where-everyone-is-a-musician Murder Folk Nights. He regularly performs with Tomboyfriend, in Toronto and beyond, a project which has received both local and international critical acclaim. He currently maintains the blog “Parkour,” a site dedicated to cataloging “source material, resources and Alexandrian library of the arcane, (un)useful and unusual for working poets and artists.” He is at work completing his first novel: System’s Children.

Sheila Heti lives in Toronto, Canada, where she writes books and conducts interviews for The Believer. Her writing has appeared in Bookforum, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Village Voice, n+1 and other places. She is the author of the story collection The Middle Stories (McSweeney's Books), the novel Ticknor (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) and, most recently, How Should a Person Be? (Anansi). In Spring 2011, her book with Misha Glouberman, The Chairs are Where The People Go, will be published in the U.S. by Faber. She studied Art History and Philosophy at the University of Toronto, then playwriting at the National Theatre School. In 2001, she started the Trampoline Hall lecture series, which runs monthly and has sold out every show since its inception. She created the popular blogs, I Dream of Hillary and I Dream of Barack, which collected the sleeping dreams people were having of the candidates during the 2008 Democratic primaries. With Margaux Williamson, she runs The Production Front to produce and promote the work of other writers and artists.